a zine project


photo88The zines are in the mail, or most of them anyhow. A few get to be hand-delivered. Friday morning found me chapping fingertips putting stamps on envelopes. Said hands were already cramped from the scribbled “Please do not bend” I felt compelled to write twice per envelope. While I realize our mail slot on this elderly house is unusual, our magazines (made of sturdier stuff) hardly make it without being destroyed first. So I shall state it here, too: If your TalyaWren is received in a terrible condition, let us know so we can send another, girded in better protective gear.photo77

We are so excited to have sent out the zine! We really hope the recipients enjoy getting them in the mail, sitting down at the table, and opening them up for a good perusal and read.

I plan to get a “about me” paragraphs from contributors and add a page for that here. And post on any inspired works or quiz results we hope to find in our email box. Info about N’s Germany trip will likely occupy the next number of posts. Otherwise, I suppose it will get a wee bit quieter around here.


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