a zine project

a 2011 playlist in the making

N is working on a playlist to commemorate the year 2011, starting with a listing of what strikes her as she shuffles randomly through her iPod. and there is a lot of music.

while we wait to see what makes it on the final list, we are curious which song(s) would make your 2011 playlist?  What song(s) will make you think back to 2011? and why?


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  1. Good question. I will give it some thought; need to take a look back at my year with music.

    • i’m still dwelling on the question myself. i always enjoy hearing what you are listening to, and about the concerts you make it to.

  2. This is my kind of question. Back in the summer of 2009 I blogged as I journeyed through my entire ipod, which at the time had 16.17G of music, or 3416 songs. This took me three months, but it was worth it. In those two and half years, I’ve found so many more artists that did not even appear on my end results (see here if interested), and several of those have came from 2011.

    The year began with two excellent albums. The Decemberists’ The King is Dead was different than their typical style, and I loved it. “January Hymn” and “Don’t Carry it All” were favorites from there. Around the same time, Iron & Wine put out Kiss Each Other Clean, and, like the Decemberists, it was a completely different sound, this time trading the normal acoustic sounds for something almost transcendental. From this, “Your Fake Name is Good Enough for Me” was my favorite track from the album, but I liked “Rabbit Will Run” quite a bit, too.

    But despite these two great albums, the best music I’ve listened to all year is from a brand new band called The Milk Carton Kids. This is their first year together and they’ve already released two albums, both of which are free, and both of which are bursting at the seams with wonderful music. There are so many great songs from the two albums, but my favorites are “Like a Cloak”, “Charlie”, “Michigan”, “Permanent”, and “Queen Jane.” And after I saw the band play twice (once headlining a national tour, the other as an opening act), then they moved to a place dear to my heart. Sincere musicians just playing to play.

    This was a year of excellent music. Great post.

    • we would so love to host at least one of your album reviews in the zine. I love your posts on bands, albums, and your concert experiences.

      Natalya’s interest will be certainly be peaked by the idea of journal-ing a journey through her iPod.


      • The ipod journey was a lot of fun, as well as productive, as a secondary goal was to delete music I no longer listened to. And I’m pretty sure I’d never listened to so much music intentionally, so I definitely got more out of the songs than normally.

        I’ll try to think about a particularly resonating album/band/concert (but also timely) and see if I come up with anything to submit. I’m sure the Radiohead concert would be excellent, but it’s not until March 9, so that’s a bit too late. I’ll let you know if I get anything.

  3. […] I encouraged Logan in the comments under “A Playlist in the Making” to possibly submit a review of an album or concert. His reviews of these sort on his blog […]

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