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One of the many things that attracted us to Door To Grace‘s movement is their holistic approach in caring for survivors.

“Door To Grace provides residents with wrap-around support services tailored to meet key individual needs. These services address the child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, mental, and spiritual health, as well as providing life skills and leadership development training. Staff, volunteers and community agencies provide these new, life-giving opportunities.” –doortograce.org

The more we learn about the issues surrounding domestic trafficking of minors is how woefully under-resourced we are as a nation. Survivors outnumber available beds, they need shelter for lengthier times than provisions presently stipulate, and they need greater protection and care within these shelters. A survivor’s trauma is significant and has been purposefully (calculatedly) inflicted upon them on various levels of their personhood. They also require a real confidence that they are meant for more and other work. They are capable and needed in our community, and not for or within the industry that has abused them.

Survivors should have the opportunity to heal and to thrive. Door To Grace is a place where they can find the help to do just that.


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