a zine project


A zine (zeen) is self-published, ad-free collation of paper with original or appropriated text and images and little to no interest in profit. Also known as a fanzine, they often center around subjects/themes in which the creator is passionate. For example the spring 2012 edition of TalyaWren focuses in on Natalya’s interest in vocal and instrumental music, theater, and dance.

A beginning.  TalyaWren is a “Christmas Letter” gone awry. In 2010, our family was kicking around the idea of doing a zine-ish letter, something fun and wholly personality driven. Then the daughter was offered an opportunity to participate in an exchange program with a school in Germany. Just under two-weeks with a host family in a gorgeous setting, it sounded lovely. The Zine-Project was reborn and christened:  TalyaWren.

Not lacking in confidence at providing our own assorted content, we nevertheless decided that it would be more fun to include Friends and Family. We know a lot of creative people. In opening the zine up for submission, we decided to launch this blog-site to keep our Friends and Family creatively involved. With this 2012 Spring Edition, we hope to do more with this site.

Where the Fund-Raising comes in. For the 2011 Spring zine, those who contributed were helping us with a “thank you.” TalyaWren found distribution as a gift to those who provided monetary support for the exchange trip. While we realized that our supporters could always use more sweets, wrapping paper, and magazine subscriptions, we decided to try a more creative and intimate solution.

Our contributors, both creative and monetary, proved generous. Could we raise funds for another cause while doing something we found fun and challenging? We are going to try with our TalyaWren 2012. Check out our Raising Funds page for more information.

Our Spring 2012 Edition? Spring 2011 fell into thematic lines quite accidentally–that which inspires. We decided to be more purposeful with Spring 2012.  Friends and Family will not be surprised to hear that Natalya decided the focus of this year’s zine will be Performing Arts; more specifically those dealing with music: Vocal Arts, Instrument, Dance, Drama/Theater. There will be opinion pieces, poetry, surveys, artwork, and much more. We are excited to see what this year’s project will bring us!

Following us here will be joining us on an adventure. Welcome!


who “we” are, in case you are wondering:

R. Sean (or Sean), resident artist and architect (he is also these things outside the residence). He loves beer, bikes, most books, movies, tv, music, and his marvelous wife Leslie (aka L)–whom, regardless of be listed last, actually comes first (but we knew that, right?). He ends up getting the lovely task of getting these zines to print after months of fielding “art direction” questions and general randomness.

Leslie (aka L), generator of “questions and general randomness.” She is also to blame for laying out the pages in InDesign, you’re welcome. She’s forever working on her undergrad which of late has something to do with English Lit, Sociology and Women’s Studies–Library School is in the near future; meanwhile, there is the family (w/ special adoration for Sean (which shouldn’t go w/out saying), and the book/film blog: “omphaloskepsis.”

Natalya (aka N aka the daughter), or Editor–as she insists on being referred to on zine project things… N is nearly-12. She loves to read, to write, to sing, to dance, to play her violin, but not to jump off a diving board–yet. This art project has not only been a creative outlet and place to share her work, but a way to learn how to manage a project (however loosely we have defined management). N shares the actual editing duties with L, but is left responsible for the last say on content and arrangement–as well as direction and choice of fundraiser.



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