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idea generating

So I encouraged Logan in the comments under “A Playlist in the Making” to possibly submit a review of an album or concert. His reviews of these sort on his blog “Rememorandum” are always an enjoyable read.  

We, at TalyaWren, are looking for music-centric write-ups. And it doesn’t have to be a review of an album or concert or music video, per se. In a rambling flurry of idea generating, I launched a manic (run-on) paragraph of ideas at another friend and source of music-oriented conversation: Kevin. I translated them below.

What follows are some ideas of things to write about or illustrate artistically in some form:

Music and television:

__What do you think about the use of a television shows and/or advertisements to promote/launch bands/musicians?

__How do you feel about the contests like American Idol or X-Factor, Dancing w/ the Stars, etc and their affect on the entertainment industry?

__What do you think about Glee or Disney’s Shake-it Up or any other music driven show.


__Your reaction to YouTube covers and/or mash-ups/

__Are pandora/spotify walking across the radio star’s grave?

__how to make a playlist for…

__what iTunes has done to the album (w/purchasing singles etc)


__Highlight an under-appreciated genre (satire or no). Or highlight a band or musician. We’d love a well-written paragraph or piece of art that features your favorite musical or theatrical artist.

__5 or 10 albums/bands you wish had greater exposure and why?

__5 or10 seminal albums/bands for all adolescents and/or newbies and why?

__we talk about how girls/women are represented as performers, what about boys/men? a thought on their pressures/image


__Venues: Arena vs Pub

__The cell phone shift from lighters

__Proper etiquette at shows (and not necessarily just rock concerts. How do we behave in the theater or at ballets, etc?)

__a concert experience : a funny story, a moment of transcendence, a snapshot.

__why go to shows anyway?

A personal response:

__moments where a song or performance led to/involved a sense of :  healing; or self-confidence; or self-expression (created an outlet, a voice); or proved to be an influence–whether empowering or perpetuating–to someone you know.


If you think of something thematically-suited that you’d like to see represented by image or written about, please jot down your ideas in the comment section.



out of the quiet

the quiet on the blog has reflected the quiet on the zine-front. in non-zine news we have been busy. N just finished hammering out a essay for a competition–one we think will fit nicely into this edition of the zine! Which is how we plan on pitching th second wave of submission calls just before Winter Break. several of N’s fellow students have music write-ups due and we are all about making all that hard work work for us! submit those class assignments if they fit.

we will also follow up on a few personal invites this weekend. Sean hit up a few old friends: a costumer, an improv guy, and a drama teacher/sketch comedy performer. yeah, we are excited too! If you have someone you know to interview or someone you admire to write about or create a fan page (shrine) do share!

in the meantime, N wants to share this video our friend Melanie shared with us the other day. You’ll recognize the Jason Mraz song?-one of N’s favorites.


to print!

We are to print! Hurray!

The weekend was well-spent.  It was a bit crazed though and perhaps more angst-filled than necessary. Okay,  I know it was more trouble than necessary. Here’s why: We changed the cover.

When contemplating binding options (something we will decide on next to first in the future) we settled on Accordian. I don’t know if that is an actual term for binding/publishing. We have quite a few pages that we did not want to shrink or cut for this edition. We had already moved from half-page to full 8 1/2 x 11. Still, we were up to 49 numbered pages. Include covers, inside and out, 25 sheets.  Lying in Saturday, I ignored my bladder and contemplated the zine (not unusual) and I thought: a small accordianed zine would be cute, a post-trip postcard-like zine. Not much later I was telling Sean of the idea. That is when we kicked-out the idea to do that with this Spring 2011 edition of TalyaWren.

So, you think organizing pages is tricky enough with a regular flip-the-pages structure…

In the end, Sean took the pages, used some tape, and tried to play out the structure. Bless him for taking on that headache. I thought I had had a good vision of it, but there was a flaw somewhere. So Sean worked it out, and two pages were still cut. The cutting was a difficult decision with which N met nobly. Suggestions were made, but she had the final word.

What does the format have to do with the cover?  Well, we were thinking of examples of accordianed pages. The cassette tape insert came to mind. Yep, that was entertaining explaining that one to N.

Sean had work to do this weekend so I took over the drawing of the cover. Some trace paper, black ink, N’s colored pencils, and some images from inside the zine–voila! I think I have graduated from Kindergarten art to 1st grade! I made them swear that it wasn’t quaint or cute or charmingly infantile. Were they humoring me? new talyawren cover

Sean’s previous cover is fantastic. We do love it so. So we kept it: back cover Not too, shabby, eh?! It was going to lie under the flipped out cassette case, half-revealed, but Sean hit the transparency button and ‘ta-da!’ A portion of it will also reappear on the Table of Contents with a hand-drawn frame by N (which turned out rather spectacularly!).

So with cover changes and binding issues, we had a busy weekend, especially yesterday. It was a bit rushed, I worry. (We rearranged some pages as well.) But Sean is right–It’s done. Now to print, and to purchase tape–you know, to accordian those pages. Just when I was thinking the zine wasn’t hand-crafted enough!

We will be printing 30 copies. (Should have a fresh-eyed reader scan over it first–Nah, it is done!)

We hope and have every plan to have the zine in the mail by Monday morning April 11th at latest.

Now for those Bookmarks N promised…

spring break: days 2-4

Day 2 of Spring Break found us counting pages–again–and organizing the layout–again. N decided we needed more for the Music portion of the zine. A short brainstorming session resulted in: 1)  N deciding to write about one of her favorite albums with Sean writing a brief intro for the band. And 2) sending a please, please, please message to friend-from-way-back Art Heffron who works with Music Artists, promoting their sound, arranging venues, photographing them (yep, he is also a talented photographer), and just being awesome like him–in the Denver area. Art has generously agreed to write an article about one of the musicians he works with and has the joy to know–bless him!

Day 3 of Spring Break was a day of rest that bled into today, Day 4. Actually, a section page was built Day 3, and some “top 10” opinions were expressed. Today: other than posting this quite late, L will likely putter around with refining some lists, and —yay–updating our “fund-raising for the Germany trip” log : two checks in the mail today! And maybe she will corner Sean about one itty-bitty addition to the Cover…a stamp reading Spring 2011… you know, in case we see more of this TalyaWren in the future.


Art’s work (Denver, Colorado):  Strings & Wood Concerts site and myspace. Also, check out his photography site.

photograph is N, Early Fall 2010, listening to music while writing…a commonplace sighting.

mad—for music—lib

music madlib

Day One of Spring Break for N means sleeping in, watching some TV, painting, doing mad-libs, and reading, while all the while listening to music on the iPod. What zine-work will be had? This has yet to be seen…though, there was this Mad-lib titled “The Music Store” N and L wrote together on a lark before lunch…shall we include it in the zine? Possibly. We need to fill out the music section a bit more. And who doesn’t love a good mad-lib?


tid bits


We’ve pages and pages and are close to done. Next will be arrangement and clean-up. Odyssey of the Mind competition is rapidly approaching and the meetings and project-work is vying for our time. Lists are morphing into little post-its, bite-sized pieces of work.

a productive weekend

note to selfHow many e-mail exchanges does a correspondence make?  Beloved author Adrienne Kress provided answers to N’s interview questions and we worked on the pages during the weekend. Next we decide on a picture of the photogenic author and N needs to write an intro paragraph or two. Meanwhile, L has never seen N so punctual in returning an e-mail–she slaved over a return e-mail for quite some time.

L logged in several hours over the weekend copy/pasting, designing, and religiously saving pages in InDesign. It was good to get the Author Interview in, as well as a few of the stories and other features to see how the pages were going to run at the smaller zine format. In the end, we decided to go with the larger than our usual format. We decided that it will still look great.

Sean finished the cover this weekend!! and he said that the full page shift shouldn’t create any re-work to the cover design.

It was a very productive weekend. Knowing the zine is moving forward on a good foot, we can focus some of our attention on the fund-raising effort. N has to finish paying for her plane ticket by April 1st…