a zine project

Spring 2012 [content]

This year’s zine project focuses in on four areas of Performing Arts : Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, and Drama. Those who know N are not surprised.

Who to look for in our Spring 2012 Edition:

We interviewed friends: Jeni Pearson, a Costume Designer

and Stephen James, a drama teacher and sketch comedy artist (check out Nerdvana).


There is a brief intro to a choreographer of note: Jawole Willa Jo Zollar.

The notes to the essay:

1. Ellen Ashdown, “The Journey of Jawole.” Florida State University’s Research in Review Summer 2002, 2004. http://www.rinr.fsu.edu/summer2002/jawole.html

2. JoyceFoundation. “Jawole Willa Jo Zollar & DanceCleveland.” Youtube, 12 Feb 2007. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWKG9-yu-lo

3. Ibid

4. Ann Cooper Albright, “Embodying History: Epic Narrative and Cultural Identity in African American Dance,” Moving History/Dancing Culture: A Dance History Reader. Eds. Ann Dils and Ann Cooper Albright, (Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, 2001), 450.

5. Ibid


The young and brilliant Elliana Reynolds returns with a short story this year.

Read “Love is War” before, during, and after listening to the song/video it was inspired by (via a music-writing challenge):


The not as young, but certainly brilliant, Logan K Stewart reviews David Crowder Band’s Give Us Rest

after which a few questions were explored.


The lovely and generous Juanita Martus photographs


and N has a poem or two; one of which involves Regina Spektor and her song “Fidelity”


and you’ll have to see if you do better on the quiz than N did. [we may link this later].


Looking for a Mad-lib to use those crazy script directions?

music madlib


a link to the book N reviews: Comedy Girl by Ellen Shreiber.


Comments on: "Spring 2012 [content]" (1)

  1. Ah, core dump, now I’ll have something in my head today. I go around singing “Fidelity” to Keisha all the time. That song never leaves my head. I hear in my mind all this music… Truly, the words of a prophet. Can’t wait to read the zine.

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