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drawn from the hat…

Thank you friends and family for spreading the word about the U.S. problem with the commercial exploitation of our children, Door To Grace, and this zine project. While we’ve drawn a name for this giveaway, please do not stop sharing!

Natalya drew the name from her beat-up fedora and…


the winner–of the Moleskine Passions: Music Journal, $10 iTunes card, and composition book– is….

Juanita Martus!


look for the photographs Mrs. Martus’ contributed to the zine.

And stick with us, because we have one more giveaway before our fundraiser for Door To Grace closes June 12th.


have you seen this video going around? We thought it was fun. Sisters Lennon (12) and Maisy (8) Stella cover “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn/Erato.

scale, shifts, drafts


the other day, L collected and folded some scrap paper to give N an idea of scale. N was a bit worried. usually you do go bigger each time, but we’ve scaled back. a necessary consideration was the printing. another was a desire to get back to the smaller (more normal sized) zine like the one we printed ages ago when N was small-er.

we printed out some pages last night. we do this primarily to gauge the look of the lay-outs: how are the gutters, the white space… some fonts were used that we rarely if ever implement and printing them out helped us realize that, wow, even in 10 pt. they can still be scaled back. a few things were shifted, so some of you may have noticed a facebook status or tweet from L wondering aloud as to what to do with it. Such are the last minute shifts we would rather avoid (man was our timing out of whack this Spring), but they seem to occur nonetheless

there are 28 pages discounting covers and a letter and the table of contents. it has the randomness and brilliance a TalyaWren zine should have. we are very excited to share it.

compelling proposals

Many who know me know that Sophie Blackall is one of my favorite illustrators. I follow Ms. Blackall’s blog and was impressed to find that the artist has gone to Africa, not to teach illustration (like she sometimes travels internationally to do) but to apply her skill to a different kind of cause!

“The proposal [from Christine McNab of the Measles and Rubella Initiative] was very compelling, to visit these communities to talk with families and the immunization workers who travel across the country, often on foot, to distribute the vaccine. And then to draw. To create posters and maybe a book and a video, to communicate the toll of measles and show the ways we can prevent deaths and eliminate this disease.”

Blackall is going to be blogging the experience and no doubt we will hear more as the work continues back home.

I think it is important to see how creative people in the world are using their artistic skills and experience to make a positive difference in the world–and how they can go about doing so. If you want, share an example in the comments of someone you know, admire, heard about who is doing the same… I think this could make a nice little series don’t you? I feel encouraged and inspired know there are people putting themselves out there and accepting “compelling proposals” to give via creativity–and from all ages, skills, experiences, disciplines…


{image by Sophie Blackall, here}

you can visit Sophie Blackall’s site, here.


In the last post we hinted at a friendly incentive for spreading the word about:

1: the national issue of child sex trafficking

2: Door to Grace who has a goal to Restore Life to Rescued Children

3: our zine project fundraiser which thanks you for donating ($10 or more) to Door To Grace.

—–We are going to more than hint at it in this post.—-

Please help us spread the word about TalyaWren: A Zine Project (and this drawing) and in return,

we will enter you in our zine theme-oriented drawing for:

Moleskine Passions: Music Journal,

a $10 iTunes card,


a composition book (likely old school Mead)


Enter the drawing by Friday June 1, 2012 by 12 midnight mountain time zone

we will contact the winner & announce them here on Monday June 4, 2012.


How to enter the drawing:

TalyaWren does not have other accounts, but L at her book/film blog “omphaloskepsis” does.

[+1] twitter or retweet w/ the hashtag: #talyawrenzineproject (L is: omphaloskepsisL)

[+1] share on facebook (L’s blog fb page)

[+1] share it on a blog (comment here w/ link)

[+1] tumblr (L’s when not lazy tumblr page)

[+1] any other way that can be verified w/ links.

each [+1] equals an entry.

If you worry I’ll miss you, comment with all the ways in which you shared.


above is a page tab: “letter, buttons, misc.” where images and text can be found.

Those who know L, know being short-winded is an effort (except in stairwells and the like),

but she made this effort for a usable blurb? :

An estimated 100,000 U.S. children are commercially exploited sexually each year. The average age for children (female and male) entering into prostitution and pornography is 12-14, plenty are younger. Sex trafficking is no respecter of home-life, geographic location, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Door To Grace is a Portland, Oregon-based movement whose mission is to “restore life to rescued children.” Please visit their site—DoorToGrace.org—for further literature on what compels them and how they are responding to the needs of child survivors, like providing a holistic approach to their care.

TalyaWren: A Zine Project has created a humble but wonderful zine-sized thank-you card for those who have helped contributed to the zine artistically and/or monetarily. TalyaWren would love to share a zine with those who are moved to help them help Door To Grace (w/ $10+) donations. See the “raising funds” page on their site—talyawren.wordpress.com—for how you can give and receive. You may also visit the site for further information on the zine project and Door To Grace.


Thank you so much for participating in this art project/fundraiser with us.

Stay tuned for a book/journal “Give-Away” next week!

my own cannibalized version of the letter under “letter, buttons, misc.” My excuse is: I wrote it for emailing purposes and I had it approved and the editor is at school anticipating a pizza party in geography last period.


Dear friends and neighbors,

TalyWren is shaping up to be an entertaining zine as Editor Natalya Lawren decided focus upon some of our favorite forms of entertainment and expression: vocal and instrumental music, dance, and theater.

As with our first edition last spring we are pairing our art project with a fundraiser. This year we are promoting awareness of the Human Trafficking that is occurring in the United States, more specifically we need you and others to be aware that there are an estimated 100,000 American children commercially exploited for sex each year. “The best estimates, the best data, suggests that we at least have 100,000 American kids a year are victimized through the practice of child prostitution; that number ranges as high as 300,000.”— Ernie Allen, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Awareness is an important first step. We also want to give you an opportunity to help aid those victimized by sex trafficking.

The zine project would like help raising money for the Portland Oregon based organization Door To Grace who passionately works to rescue child survivors of sex trafficking: “Door to Grace provides restorative care services and safe shelter for children who are survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.” Even if you do not live in Portland, successful programs have ways of multiplying. Two, many exploited children are relocated; a child from your community may be found in Portland. And truthfully, all of these children, still young or now grown, are ourchildren.

If you do not have the funds to give, please find other means to contribute to create positive change, both in the lives of these children and your community. If you do have a dinner out or a movie ticket to spare, or however much more, please consider donating to Door To Grace, and please consider giving generously. 100% of the money donated will go to Door To Grace.

As a humble Thank-You to givers of $10 or more, we would love to send you a copy of TalyaWren, Spring 2012 edition. TalyaWren is not for purchase. It is a gift to those who participate in the zine project by giving to Door To Grace. See “Raising Funds” for how you can donate and receive our zine-shaped thank-you.

This zine project is a fun creative outlet for our family and friends. It is not without difficulties, but we love it. And it is a way we feel we can use what we have to help others. We are of humble means. We are sweating the printing and postage a bit, but we are giving. We love this cause. We want to take part in whatever way we can to raise awareness and aid those who are working hard towards prevention, rescue and healing. We are so thankful for your help in contributing to this zine project.


TalyaWren: A Zine Project

P.S. Please share this project with others.

P.P.S. There will very likely be a give-away, and we should probably devise some sort of drawing for those helping us spread the word via blog, facebook, twitter (#talyawrenzineproject), church secretarying, etc. Also, an end-date on donating is pending the school bell. Stay tuned!


I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.

I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.

I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.

I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.

I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.

I will not switch out covers at the last minute this year.