a zine project

raising funds

TalyaWren may be a fun art project to participate in–and it most certainly is!–but might we also create an opportunity to contribute to something greater?

In 2010-11, friends and family submitted work to the zine as way of helping Natalya make a special ‘thank you’ gift for those whose monetary contribution got her to Germany for an Exchange Program. In 2012, we decided to try raising funds once more. Spring 2012 was another ‘thank you’ card for those who helped us give a modest monetary donation to Door To Grace, a Portland, Oregon based movement whose mission is “to restore life to rescued children” (doortograce.org). To learn more, please visit their website.

Thank you to those who contributed both artistically and monetarily this Spring 2012!


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  1. […] raising funds […]

  2. […] a zine with those who are moved to help them help Door To Grace (w/ $10+) donations. See the “raising funds” page on their site—talyawren.wordpress.com—for how you can give and receive. You may also […]

  3. Silly question, but where on the PayPal form do I mark it “TalyaWten”. I used the hyperlink “this link here” to get to the donation page.

    • it isn’t a silly question, and I was worried it would be a form without a field for notation. Will make corrections to the instructions until remedied. thanks for letting us know!

  4. I meant ” TalyaWren” not TalyaWten.

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