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ad-ing to the back

I was a bit of a loss as to what to do with the back cover of the zine. We’d gone with phone lines which we felt worked with the collaborative nature of the zine, the connecting lines, the calls for help… The Table of Contents is modeled a bit after a phone book page. We even created a fake advertisement to adorn what little empty space remained. Working on said ad, bugging Sean for a sketch, the thought arrived: Why not make a few more and do the back like a phone book’s rear end as well…plastered with bumper stickers (or removable magnets). Wish we could go with a removable magnet idea.

A few more fake ads were created. A thank you note is tacked on. Maybe a post-it note grocery list? A ring from where a glass rested on in it?

One of the ads: was considering making the cakes icing a bit more colorful or what-not, but I think I will just forgo the effort, maybe a reader will color it in for me?: