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taping in progress

Alright. So I, too, was hoping this post would be full of photographs of sealed and stacked envelopes on their way out the door. But soon!

There was an issue with printing the issue. It was solved, thankfully. (yay, Sean!) But we are delayed.

So this post is about the assembly.

If you will recall, I mentioned tape.

With the accordian style construction of the zine, we have to tape the pages together.

Sean set to folding the sheets into form, but first demonstrated the taping.

but do we tape from each side or only one?

(N, fresh from the shower and in pajamas staying up to her bedtime helping tape.)

N and L taped while Sean folded. We made reasonable progress but it was getting late for N.

We will continue our humble assembly line and, as Sean suggested, send them out in waves.

one lovingly taped zine at a time.

that is, after we add more tape, needing to replace the “instructions” on how to read the zine.

the b-side is a bit of a trick–unless you are a reader of Manga or other Asian constructions. Yep, the b-side pages will run right to left. We would have gone trickier if we’d planned for this well in advance, but alas…

N is on the technical writing today. We’ll print neat square patches this evening. Then add “instructions” to the “need tape” line.

postage pictures to come! will be worth the wait*, we promise.


*i refer to the zine, no promises on the quality of the pics.