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bonding over bowling

We are going bowling tonight with the kids who are going on The Trip. This is a get-to-know-each-other event as the kids are coming from different schools in the district (elementary and middle-school) in groups of 3’s. We live in the kind of town where kids go to school with each other from kindergarten onward. N’s school is especially tight-knit as kids might leave, but no one comes in–the bilingual-immersion aspect makes this difficult–N had to “interview” to get in when we moved here in August. The gatherings are awkward and will be no less so for L this time around because there will also be bowling.

While bonding via humiliation seems to work for several organizations, L is not much for the method. And no, she is not exaggerating when claiming that she is bad at bowling.* Why is it that Strikes only occur during “warm-up?” Sore arm and sore temper are off-set by the comfort of bowling alley food–too bad fund-raising is on the mind. Good news is that Sean is excellent at bowling and N is a good sport and her game improves. Sean can be kinda shy so this kind of venue should be good for him. N will be charming. And L will be…

Wish us Luck!


*It should be noted that L is nearly unbeatable at Wii Bowling.