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covering it

worked on the cover concept yesterday:

sketched out the door (which is not as tilted in InDesign). I like the door, especially an outer-door look, but N prefers a smooth surfaced inner door, something more “dressing room,” but she liked the graffiti idea. working on fonts for “TalyaWren.” may rework the curtain-ish pull–I have a sketch with a color but it is too dark to translate well and ruins the peel back idea, but I like its sketch lines better, so work there. and the more I look at that girl, the more embarrassed I become–geesh. my inspiration from print is a Banksy work on a fence. behind the curtain will be an photographic image onto a stage, or from the stage–which I tested and looks really cool.

conceptually. we would like to use the door to tie in w/ Door To Grace. also an exterior door, whether the going in or out, there is possibility and access depending on perception (escape or shelter). In a way, the figure pulling back would be a force of will and/or revelation–as is the use of graffiti. I, first, thought a more androgynous figure w/ and instrument. May still yet. I think any changes there may depend on the photographic image we end up using.

If anyone wants to take any aspect in hand and consult/collaborate on the image with me?–stellar. contact me: talyawrenzine@stonhaus[dot]com or leave intentions in comments.


 (images: 1- mine. 2-via Pinterest via imgur.)