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spring break: days 2-4

Day 2 of Spring Break found us counting pages–again–and organizing the layout–again. N decided we needed more for the Music portion of the zine. A short brainstorming session resulted in: 1)  N deciding to write about one of her favorite albums with Sean writing a brief intro for the band. And 2) sending a please, please, please message to friend-from-way-back Art Heffron who works with Music Artists, promoting their sound, arranging venues, photographing them (yep, he is also a talented photographer), and just being awesome like him–in the Denver area. Art has generously agreed to write an article about one of the musicians he works with and has the joy to know–bless him!

Day 3 of Spring Break was a day of rest that bled into today, Day 4. Actually, a section page was built Day 3, and some “top 10” opinions were expressed. Today: other than posting this quite late, L will likely putter around with refining some lists, and —yay–updating our “fund-raising for the Germany trip” log : two checks in the mail today! And maybe she will corner Sean about one itty-bitty addition to the Cover…a stamp reading Spring 2011… you know, in case we see more of this TalyaWren in the future.


Art’s work (Denver, Colorado):  Strings & Wood Concerts site and myspace. Also, check out his photography site.

photograph is N, Early Fall 2010, listening to music while writing…a commonplace sighting.


a productive weekend

note to selfHow many e-mail exchanges does a correspondence make?  Beloved author Adrienne Kress provided answers to N’s interview questions and we worked on the pages during the weekend. Next we decide on a picture of the photogenic author and N needs to write an intro paragraph or two. Meanwhile, L has never seen N so punctual in returning an e-mail–she slaved over a return e-mail for quite some time.

L logged in several hours over the weekend copy/pasting, designing, and religiously saving pages in InDesign. It was good to get the Author Interview in, as well as a few of the stories and other features to see how the pages were going to run at the smaller zine format. In the end, we decided to go with the larger than our usual format. We decided that it will still look great.

Sean finished the cover this weekend!! and he said that the full page shift shouldn’t create any re-work to the cover design.

It was a very productive weekend. Knowing the zine is moving forward on a good foot, we can focus some of our attention on the fund-raising effort. N has to finish paying for her plane ticket by April 1st…

it’s always good to hear from a favorite author…

I am so thrilled at the moment I having trouble typing up this post! but I so want to share that I will persevere despite the pauses.

So, a short while back it was thought that “Wouldn’t it be great to feature an author interview in the zine?” Yes–that would be great–good idea. The Who was hardly in question. How about the author of N’s favorite book (for years running and through several annual readings) Alex and the Ironic Gentleman? Adrienne Kress has a great website with all sorts of information on how to contact her…

N wrote up questions she wanted to ask Ms. Kress, like “What inspired you to write Alex and the Ironic Gentleman?” and “Which old lady from your book creeps you out the most? (For me it’s Poppy. Ugh.)”. Nice, huh?

And then she wrote up an email. It begins like this:

Hi, I’m Natalya (10 years old) and I absolutely adore Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. I have read several excellent books since I first read Alex and the Ironic Gentleman and it still remains at the top of my list. When I get to publishing (I am writing a novel currently) I hope to be as good as you!

Today, Adrienne Kress returned with a gracious reply and answer of: “sure!  I’d love to do the interview.  Can I get it back to you sometime next week?”

I am so excited!  I can’t wait ’til N finds out!

The zine was already going to be Fantastic, of course!–but what a great addition to the TalyaWren!

a Question-able feature.

N came home with two more “Questions” filled out yesterday. The “Questions” were short notes of zine and trip explanations with interrogative sentences attached. N came up with questions for her two 5th grade teachers, the Art teacher, Music teacher, and School Librarian. We now have 3 out of 5 returned.

We have the utmost respect for the teaching profession in our house, finding teachers to be both valuable and fascinating. Then there is the fact that N spends a good part of her day during the week with these people. They share so much of themselves in their work. Why not bug them to share a little more? I mean, how well do you know the people with whom you spend large portions of your day/week?

We choose to not ask too personal questions and yet ones we thought would interest ourselves and our readers; maybe provoke you to ask similar questions or hold similar conversations. We tailored the questions to fit their teacherly field of interest. For example, we asked the Art teacher Art related things like: “If you could apprentice to someone (historical or present), who would it be?” And yet we already knew the Art teacher likes comics, so we naturally asked: “What about a comic is most important to you?”

While we can’t share the answers just yet, you could share a few answers of your own with us—if you’d like.

A couple more of my favorite questions N came up with:

—(for the Music Teacher) If you could experience any musical performance in any time period and place—VIP tickets—who would you see and where?

—(for the Librarian) If you could visit inside any book, which one and why?

This “Q&A” feature has already proven to be quite interesting. I look forward to those last two “questions” sheets.

How would you answer these questions? (if applicable) How would your teacher answer?