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the newest flier









if you haven’t clicked on the 3rd image, the text (w/ some font shifts) reads:

TalyaWren (a zine project) is taking submissions for its Spring 2012 edition.

This year’s zine will focus on the Performing Arts: Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, & Drama. And we’ve given ourselves this opportunity to help raise funds for Door To Grace (doortograce.org).

Artists/Writers: Apply your creativity toward a fun project and a great cause!

See how you can publish with TalyaWren at talyawren.wordpress.com

we snapped the photo this afternoon, N just happened to be wearing that shirt today (and she is hardly without her headphones these days). we uploaded the photo to befunky.com for manipulation. added text. voila!

You can copy the flier’s image or use the Word document we made: talyawren december flier if you’ve someone to invite. (any inappropriate use by my and/or most legal definitions, of course, would not be appreciated.)



fliers (pt2)

the tear-offs are optional. and it was an unexpected challenge trying to figure out kind of information to provide. for any later fliers, I would like to use more collage work, then scanned in and printed. meanwhile…


Last year we starting with one cover concept and Sean even inked it. Nearer To-Print, however, the cover changed as it was inspired by the way we put the zine together. This year we returned to the brainstorming early over the cover because we wanted to translate some of the ideas and elements into fliers to pin up at school. We feel more confident in how we will bind the zine this year (high-tech with staples and tape). Please, let there be fewer changes.

Door was an image we thought could easily tie to theme and fundraiser. Yet, the stage and the view from the wings wasn’t too much of a stretch either.

Waiting in the wings; photo Chirstopher Wahl; (Royal Academy of Dance)

We looked at what surprisingly few images were culled by Google Images. We talked about perspective: Should the audience be in view, or should we go straight across the stage? How prominent should the stage be in proportion to “back stage,” and if there is a figure, what silhouette should we cast? Do we care what gender the figure might be?–as to this, L argued, if the gender of the figure is discernible, it should be male. This isn’t a girls only zine and if the cover has the name it will, then coupled with a male figure, there should be less confusion. N thought L was overthinking it. Her concern was figure w/ Instrument over Ballet Dancer–if there should be one at all. In the end, if from the wings is the idea, the Reader will be standing in the wings. And we are back to proportions and perspectives and lighting, and the translation of values into black and white. Though it could still have a figure.

What to use for fliers comes next. Stage w/ curtains closed. Empty stage from audience perspective. Auditions. L flipped through photographs of N that we might manipulate; ones N wouldn’t mind having used around her peers.

Next. What goes on the fliers.  N lists: Eye-catching Font, Color, and Attractive Image. We Google Image again for Calls for Submissions. We list what needs to be on the flier without cluttering it. And really, what can we do in a short amount of time? Something great, of course–we hope.

The fliers? They are coming very soon. Maybe tomorrow. Will post the finished products here.