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a Question-able feature.

N came home with two more “Questions” filled out yesterday. The “Questions” were short notes of zine and trip explanations with interrogative sentences attached. N came up with questions for her two 5th grade teachers, the Art teacher, Music teacher, and School Librarian. We now have 3 out of 5 returned.

We have the utmost respect for the teaching profession in our house, finding teachers to be both valuable and fascinating. Then there is the fact that N spends a good part of her day during the week with these people. They share so much of themselves in their work. Why not bug them to share a little more? I mean, how well do you know the people with whom you spend large portions of your day/week?

We choose to not ask too personal questions and yet ones we thought would interest ourselves and our readers; maybe provoke you to ask similar questions or hold similar conversations. We tailored the questions to fit their teacherly field of interest. For example, we asked the Art teacher Art related things like: “If you could apprentice to someone (historical or present), who would it be?” And yet we already knew the Art teacher likes comics, so we naturally asked: “What about a comic is most important to you?”

While we can’t share the answers just yet, you could share a few answers of your own with us—if you’d like.

A couple more of my favorite questions N came up with:

—(for the Music Teacher) If you could experience any musical performance in any time period and place—VIP tickets—who would you see and where?

—(for the Librarian) If you could visit inside any book, which one and why?

This “Q&A” feature has already proven to be quite interesting. I look forward to those last two “questions” sheets.

How would you answer these questions? (if applicable) How would your teacher answer?