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root causes…

inspiration can come from a variety of sources via any one of the senses.

–our inspiration to do a zine? L was taking a class on Pop Culture at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. A major assignment for the class was to get into small groups and find a grass-roots cultural phenomenal. Her group did Roller Derby, which was fantastic. Another group chose Zines. Portland has a thriving Zine culture. There are shops and symposiums. It is marvelous. L thought she and N might could have some fun doing a Zine, so they did.  Time had passed and the thought occurred that another one could be fun…a way to flex creative muscles and update family and friends on our goings-on. This zine will be a little less our-immediate-household centric and more of an eclectic collection involving our greater community/household.

–what inspired the name? once the zine was taken on by N as a project, there was brainstorming: one small hill; little bug: daughter otter;  little otter; otter; … N chose talyawren, which is a combination of the two ends of her first an middle name, spelling unchanged. It suited and stuck.

–much of the content of TalyaWren is inspired. some of our sources? we will reference them in the zine, but I will list a few here:  William Carlos Williams’ poem This is Just to SayHalf-Minute Horrors edited by Susan Rich.  and the work of M. Sarah Klise (illustrator) and Kate Klise (author) of such books as Letters from Camp, 43 Old Cemetery Road: books 1 & 2.

Anxious to see how it will all turn out? so are we–but anxious in a good way.