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listing toward sunday

list zine photoMy list of things to take care of page-wise is very short now. There are 11 items.  7 of the 11 are small things. 9, 10, & 11, are not huge problems, but will be a bit tedious and time-consuming. But I am on schedule.

Still, I think I will mind my calendar more closely next time… although I know things happen—like Odyssey of the Mind (OM) competition Saturday and the scramble to finish that project the last few weeks have occupied N and her dad, who is one of the coaches (the project is unfinished). Then there is state testing and they like to spread that stress-filled love over 3 weeks! doling it out in 3 day increments. They, apparently, prefer leeches over the straight-razor. And then there are other things, of course, such is Life.

What marks the difference between putting together this zine and the previous is: 1) Time. N was younger and less obligated to several consuming activities at once. 2) Scale. the zine was much simpler; fewer pages, small scope. 3) Effort. There was less waiting on other people last time, which relates to scope. But waiting is an effort for me. And while it is worthwhile it can be difficult to share my time and focus when I am absorbed with a project. Sharing my laptop is angst I have learned to breathe through, finding something–anything else to do, remembering the short one does have a bedtime.

We are looking forward to Sunday and OM being done for the year. We are looking forward to the Sunday after the zine makes it to print as well. Or maybe after mailing them out. A bit of time, some waiting, and 11 items (at present)—we are so close to worrying about the printing. If you’ve a zine waiting for you, I just added item 12, just now. I will soon be sending out home address verifications!