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There had been suggestions about writing/journaling about the music experience; the forms were ambiguous, other than the machines themselves; then N came up with a great challenge of definite relation:

Take a song, use the lyrics and theme to write a short story (or essay or poem). Or use the sounds and/or theme and/or structure (narrative or otherwise). Take inspiration and transform it into a written work. 

What do you think? Think you could do it?

I’m curious what N will come up with. You should try it, too, and share it.* talyawrenzine[at]stonhaus[dot]com


*it needn’t be for purposes of publication/project contribution. could just be a fun collaborative thing to do.


a 2011 playlist in the making

N is working on a playlist to commemorate the year 2011, starting with a listing of what strikes her as she shuffles randomly through her iPod. and there is a lot of music.

while we wait to see what makes it on the final list, we are curious which song(s) would make your 2011 playlist?  What song(s) will make you think back to 2011? and why?

a pen for music

Writing about Music:

To fill out the music section, N thought that she might write about one of her favorite albums. She plugged in her iPod, cued the album, and sat down with her notebook.

In the end I think the task was a bit overwhelming. I mean, how does one write about an album? Comments per song, over-all feel, compare to other albums, pair with autobiographical snap-shots… Many of us over the age of 10 and 3/4s have read several different approaches. I was curious to see what N came up with, and she did alright. It is fairly brief and the word awesome may appear repetitious, but she did alright. I think the page will be lovely. We titled it “sound check.”

We may have to find a way to incorporate writings about musical artists and their albums/songs into N’s repertoire. Do you have a reviewer, essayist, blogger, and/or magazine you follow for their excellent commentary in the music world?

spring break: days 2-4

Day 2 of Spring Break found us counting pages–again–and organizing the layout–again. N decided we needed more for the Music portion of the zine. A short brainstorming session resulted in: 1)  N deciding to write about one of her favorite albums with Sean writing a brief intro for the band. And 2) sending a please, please, please message to friend-from-way-back Art Heffron who works with Music Artists, promoting their sound, arranging venues, photographing them (yep, he is also a talented photographer), and just being awesome like him–in the Denver area. Art has generously agreed to write an article about one of the musicians he works with and has the joy to know–bless him!

Day 3 of Spring Break was a day of rest that bled into today, Day 4. Actually, a section page was built Day 3, and some “top 10” opinions were expressed. Today: other than posting this quite late, L will likely putter around with refining some lists, and —yay–updating our “fund-raising for the Germany trip” log : two checks in the mail today! And maybe she will corner Sean about one itty-bitty addition to the Cover…a stamp reading Spring 2011… you know, in case we see more of this TalyaWren in the future.


Art’s work (Denver, Colorado):  Strings & Wood Concerts site and myspace. Also, check out his photography site.

photograph is N, Early Fall 2010, listening to music while writing…a commonplace sighting.

mad—for music—lib

music madlib

Day One of Spring Break for N means sleeping in, watching some TV, painting, doing mad-libs, and reading, while all the while listening to music on the iPod. What zine-work will be had? This has yet to be seen…though, there was this Mad-lib titled “The Music Store” N and L wrote together on a lark before lunch…shall we include it in the zine? Possibly. We need to fill out the music section a bit more. And who doesn’t love a good mad-lib?