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the newest flier









if you haven’t clicked on the 3rd image, the text (w/ some font shifts) reads:

TalyaWren (a zine project) is taking submissions for its Spring 2012 edition.

This year’s zine will focus on the Performing Arts: Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, & Drama. And we’ve given ourselves this opportunity to help raise funds for Door To Grace (doortograce.org).

Artists/Writers: Apply your creativity toward a fun project and a great cause!

See how you can publish with TalyaWren at talyawren.wordpress.com

we snapped the photo this afternoon, N just happened to be wearing that shirt today (and she is hardly without her headphones these days). we uploaded the photo to befunky.com for manipulation. added text. voila!

You can copy the flier’s image or use the Word document we made: talyawren december flier if you’ve someone to invite. (any inappropriate use by my and/or most legal definitions, of course, would not be appreciated.)



fliers (pt2)

the tear-offs are optional. and it was an unexpected challenge trying to figure out kind of information to provide. for any later fliers, I would like to use more collage work, then scanned in and printed. meanwhile…


Last year we starting with one cover concept and Sean even inked it. Nearer To-Print, however, the cover changed as it was inspired by the way we put the zine together. This year we returned to the brainstorming early over the cover because we wanted to translate some of the ideas and elements into fliers to pin up at school. We feel more confident in how we will bind the zine this year (high-tech with staples and tape). Please, let there be fewer changes.

Door was an image we thought could easily tie to theme and fundraiser. Yet, the stage and the view from the wings wasn’t too much of a stretch either.

Waiting in the wings; photo Chirstopher Wahl; (Royal Academy of Dance)

We looked at what surprisingly few images were culled by Google Images. We talked about perspective: Should the audience be in view, or should we go straight across the stage? How prominent should the stage be in proportion to “back stage,” and if there is a figure, what silhouette should we cast? Do we care what gender the figure might be?–as to this, L argued, if the gender of the figure is discernible, it should be male. This isn’t a girls only zine and if the cover has the name it will, then coupled with a male figure, there should be less confusion. N thought L was overthinking it. Her concern was figure w/ Instrument over Ballet Dancer–if there should be one at all. In the end, if from the wings is the idea, the Reader will be standing in the wings. And we are back to proportions and perspectives and lighting, and the translation of values into black and white. Though it could still have a figure.

What to use for fliers comes next. Stage w/ curtains closed. Empty stage from audience perspective. Auditions. L flipped through photographs of N that we might manipulate; ones N wouldn’t mind having used around her peers.

Next. What goes on the fliers.  N lists: Eye-catching Font, Color, and Attractive Image. We Google Image again for Calls for Submissions. We list what needs to be on the flier without cluttering it. And really, what can we do in a short amount of time? Something great, of course–we hope.

The fliers? They are coming very soon. Maybe tomorrow. Will post the finished products here.


01 tapedGreat news! The zines are all folded and taped!

The not-so-good news: the zine didn’t go out today.

The better news: Friday!

With the task of putting addresses on envelopes, our thoughts turn to packaging. If you have ever purchased from a shop at etsy.com, you know how delightfully creative people can be. I’m not sure we are to that level. But ideas swirled and settled upon “how ‘bout a stamp?” and “whatever we do, just no more tape!”

01 stampedN and L carved stamps today.  N thought a negative of the bird would be good, so we made two stamps. We figured stamps would be an easy way to mark the envelope without embossing tools or figuring out the printer. Now to figure out how to revive the stamp pads.

01 markedN put the bookmarks we designed into the zines. It was like Valentine’s the other day, her going down the mailing list deliberating who would get which one of the 4 bookmarks. Then, because they were learning marketing techniques at school recently, and we talked about viral campaigns quite extensively at dinner the other night, N was plotting where we could leave the extra bookmarks. We may have to print more.

01 stencilWe thought about the weather and the mail slots, of water and bending and folding and jamming. It was decided, “do not bend” should be clearly marked on the envelope. We may add “best avoid liquids, too.” Stencils were an idea and using cardboard out of the recycle, we found the carving to be a bear and it too thick to easily brush paint over. Little wonder stencils are usually those flimsy plasticky things. We’ll either try again with thinner, yet sturdy, material or hand-write. N suggested tape (“you know, print out thin printed strips and tape it on”) and L balked—apparently her allergies are no longer limited to Fall and Spring.

We’ve a few days to make sure everything is lovely and in place. Eager to get this into our contributor’s hands!

taping in progress

Alright. So I, too, was hoping this post would be full of photographs of sealed and stacked envelopes on their way out the door. But soon!

There was an issue with printing the issue. It was solved, thankfully. (yay, Sean!) But we are delayed.

So this post is about the assembly.

If you will recall, I mentioned tape.

With the accordian style construction of the zine, we have to tape the pages together.

Sean set to folding the sheets into form, but first demonstrated the taping.

but do we tape from each side or only one?

(N, fresh from the shower and in pajamas staying up to her bedtime helping tape.)

N and L taped while Sean folded. We made reasonable progress but it was getting late for N.

We will continue our humble assembly line and, as Sean suggested, send them out in waves.

one lovingly taped zine at a time.

that is, after we add more tape, needing to replace the “instructions” on how to read the zine.

the b-side is a bit of a trick–unless you are a reader of Manga or other Asian constructions. Yep, the b-side pages will run right to left. We would have gone trickier if we’d planned for this well in advance, but alas…

N is on the technical writing today. We’ll print neat square patches this evening. Then add “instructions” to the “need tape” line.

postage pictures to come! will be worth the wait*, we promise.


*i refer to the zine, no promises on the quality of the pics.


to print!

We are to print! Hurray!

The weekend was well-spent.  It was a bit crazed though and perhaps more angst-filled than necessary. Okay,  I know it was more trouble than necessary. Here’s why: We changed the cover.

When contemplating binding options (something we will decide on next to first in the future) we settled on Accordian. I don’t know if that is an actual term for binding/publishing. We have quite a few pages that we did not want to shrink or cut for this edition. We had already moved from half-page to full 8 1/2 x 11. Still, we were up to 49 numbered pages. Include covers, inside and out, 25 sheets.  Lying in Saturday, I ignored my bladder and contemplated the zine (not unusual) and I thought: a small accordianed zine would be cute, a post-trip postcard-like zine. Not much later I was telling Sean of the idea. That is when we kicked-out the idea to do that with this Spring 2011 edition of TalyaWren.

So, you think organizing pages is tricky enough with a regular flip-the-pages structure…

In the end, Sean took the pages, used some tape, and tried to play out the structure. Bless him for taking on that headache. I thought I had had a good vision of it, but there was a flaw somewhere. So Sean worked it out, and two pages were still cut. The cutting was a difficult decision with which N met nobly. Suggestions were made, but she had the final word.

What does the format have to do with the cover?  Well, we were thinking of examples of accordianed pages. The cassette tape insert came to mind. Yep, that was entertaining explaining that one to N.

Sean had work to do this weekend so I took over the drawing of the cover. Some trace paper, black ink, N’s colored pencils, and some images from inside the zine–voila! I think I have graduated from Kindergarten art to 1st grade! I made them swear that it wasn’t quaint or cute or charmingly infantile. Were they humoring me? new talyawren cover

Sean’s previous cover is fantastic. We do love it so. So we kept it: back cover Not too, shabby, eh?! It was going to lie under the flipped out cassette case, half-revealed, but Sean hit the transparency button and ‘ta-da!’ A portion of it will also reappear on the Table of Contents with a hand-drawn frame by N (which turned out rather spectacularly!).

So with cover changes and binding issues, we had a busy weekend, especially yesterday. It was a bit rushed, I worry. (We rearranged some pages as well.) But Sean is right–It’s done. Now to print, and to purchase tape–you know, to accordian those pages. Just when I was thinking the zine wasn’t hand-crafted enough!

We will be printing 30 copies. (Should have a fresh-eyed reader scan over it first–Nah, it is done!)

We hope and have every plan to have the zine in the mail by Monday morning April 11th at latest.

Now for those Bookmarks N promised…


threeNot much work was done on the zine going into and over the weekend. Saturday was Odyssey of the Mind competition, so we were busy prepping, performing, and then recovering.

I’ve three little blue sticky notes on the board which represent the three little things we need to do to be ready to worry about the printing. Actually there is a pink note, too, that reads “double check mailing list.” We have every intention of disposing of those three little blue notes by mid-week at latest; as well as the pink one. Yay!!