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break time

Are you and yours on Winter Break yet? Tomorrow is Day One for N.

We hope you will set aside some of your time to create something for the zine project this Winter. We want to offer a spectacular “thank you!” to both our creative team and our monetary contributors for Door To Grace! And just so we are clear, if you submit something we include in the zine, you are a part of “our creative team.”

By giving of your time and talent, you are contributing to something worthwhile.

First and foremost, contributing artistically will help raise funds for Door To Grace and help people your age. We want to raise awareness on behalf of our family, friends, and neighbors who need rescue from sex trafficking. Human trafficking is grotesque, that children are being used so horribly is an even greater a crime. The numbers of boys and girls enslaved and sold are staggering, but all it takes is one. One victim, and one person willing to help them by whatever means they have. This zine project is a small, but available way to participate in making a difference.

Second, TalyaWren is a great place to share your work. We like to have fun with the TalyaWren zine project, but we take our fun seriously. TalyaWren isn’t “aww-isn’t that just cute!” it is “brilliant!” Okay, there are some sweetly silly inclusions, but we balance those few moments with “Wow–that is wonderfully unexpected.” After a few more issues, we hope to earn the “Of course, fantastic content, yet again!” response. We could do with that with this second issue. Join us and know your work will shine.

Know that your contribution means something.