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bonding over bowling

We are going bowling tonight with the kids who are going on The Trip. This is a get-to-know-each-other event as the kids are coming from different schools in the district (elementary and middle-school) in groups of 3’s. We live in the kind of town where kids go to school with each other from kindergarten onward. N’s school is especially tight-knit as kids might leave, but no one comes in–the bilingual-immersion aspect makes this difficult–N had to “interview” to get in when we moved here in August. The gatherings are awkward and will be no less so for L this time around because there will also be bowling.

While bonding via humiliation seems to work for several organizations, L is not much for the method. And no, she is not exaggerating when claiming that she is bad at bowling.* Why is it that Strikes only occur during “warm-up?” Sore arm and sore temper are off-set by the comfort of bowling alley food–too bad fund-raising is on the mind. Good news is that Sean is excellent at bowling and N is a good sport and her game improves. Sean can be kinda shy so this kind of venue should be good for him. N will be charming. And L will be…

Wish us Luck!


*It should be noted that L is nearly unbeatable at Wii Bowling.


a productive weekend

note to selfHow many e-mail exchanges does a correspondence make?  Beloved author Adrienne Kress provided answers to N’s interview questions and we worked on the pages during the weekend. Next we decide on a picture of the photogenic author and N needs to write an intro paragraph or two. Meanwhile, L has never seen N so punctual in returning an e-mail–she slaved over a return e-mail for quite some time.

L logged in several hours over the weekend copy/pasting, designing, and religiously saving pages in InDesign. It was good to get the Author Interview in, as well as a few of the stories and other features to see how the pages were going to run at the smaller zine format. In the end, we decided to go with the larger than our usual format. We decided that it will still look great.

Sean finished the cover this weekend!! and he said that the full page shift shouldn’t create any re-work to the cover design.

It was a very productive weekend. Knowing the zine is moving forward on a good foot, we can focus some of our attention on the fund-raising effort. N has to finish paying for her plane ticket by April 1st…

vielen Dank


Thank you to those who helped us meet the first part of our fund raising goal–the second payment! April 1st will be the final payment, and the largest. Meanwhile, we are basking in the happiness of today and dropping off that money order!

So Happy Valentine’s Day!

and Thank You for sharing your love and support!